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Well, the parcel has arrived, my t-shirt and number for the Derby 10K race on Sunday 17th April!

I am not sure how I got to this stage but just under a year ago having never run far or even run in a crowd I saw advertised a new Parkrun that was starting in Long Eaton and decided to give it a go. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Parkrun concept they are 5km timed run/jog/plod/walk that take place all over the country at 9am every Saturday. The first few weeks last June I did a mixture of walking and jogging and slowly I got around the beautiful flat course at West Park in Long Eaton. I started to enjoy in a mad way the runs each week as I often chatted to different runners at we helped each other around and slowly got a little faster and by September last year I was able to run the whole course without stopping which I and my family were amazed at. Even though Parkrun is not a race I have enjoyed sharing times and PBs with friends who also run and the encouragement we give to each other is amazing – when you’ve had a bad week at work it helps clear your head and put everything into perspective.

I have discovered with the running world that people are always encouraging you to try more and that is how this New Year I was persuaded to enter the Derby 10K race. It must be noted I am a mum of a certain age who has never done anything like this before: I have been training and taking advice from lots of people but at the end of the day it is my aim to get around and get that medal at the end  which coincidentally will be my first ever sporting medal .

I have studied the course and even though it says it is flat I have spotted a few gentle inclines that to my legs will be like mountains. I will have to run past Intu and not stop for a bit of retail therapy, I am hoping to look up and to be able to enjoy the sights of the Cathedral Quarter on a sunny spring Sunday morning and finally I hope to be able to run into the IPro stadium still breathing and smiling to get that medal!

So wish me, my other running buddies, the volunteers and organisers luck on 17th April as we all hope to get around the course in one piece whilst trying to enjoy the day. 

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