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The only constant in life is that it changes. Just as you have grown up and evolved into the person you are today, modification has occurred around you as well. When it is time for you to decide which college to go to for higher education, one of your choices could be coming to Derby. The university of Derby is one of the most preferred by students living in England, and even people living abroad. People who have come from different parts of England to study here would hardly find any trouble settling in this place.

Although if you are a student from a different country, there is a great chance that you are confused about a number of things. Having a place to stay, your meal plans and your class timings in your university will be a matter of concern. To provide you with guidance and assisting you in reaching a conclusion, here are a few things that will let you figure out if you are making the right choice or not.


The biggest issue for any student living abroad is their residence. You may have enough money to fund yourself for an education abroad, or your student’s loan cover your fee expenses. However, this is not the case when it comes to living expenses. Not many loans cover your housing expenditures, which leaves an international student to pursue facilities that cost as less as possible. To the relief of students like these, housing facilities are available in Derby. The university itself owns a housing scheme, which is quite close to the university. It has all the modern facilities available in its hallways and small rooms for students to sleep in. A bus service also runs from the apartments to the campus.

If that doesn’t suit you, or you are unfortunate enough to not secure a room in that area, there are multiple other options. Allestree, Ashbourne Road, and Buxton are a few examples where shared housing schemes are available specifically for students.

Hiring Opportunities:

The University of Derby has a well-known reputation in the Derby job market. They train and educate the best students who later graduate to be talented and hardworking individuals who have the potential to contribute effectively to the society. Moreover, they give the student a complete opportunity to select their majors. Arts, Science and Business are included in their long lists of courses they have to offer. This helps further in you deciding for your future and reaching a verdict if studying in Derby is the right place for you or not.


Food is basically every human’s necessity. The driving force that helps us survive and thrive. If you are confused on what to eat and what not to eat, Derby has a lot of options for you. For a person with a specific taste, a variety of cafes and restaurants are there to cater to your taste buds. It is worth mentioning that most of them are budget-friendly and even have services for you to order from the internet. You can bring in your own groceries from the local market and cook up a meal for yourself and your roommates. Shared expenses for food helps take the load off your shoulders as well and makes it economical for everyone. Just follow the right diet and remember to eat healthy.

Living in Derby and experiencing a different part of the world can be a great learning experience for anyone. Mingling with diverse people will help you enhance your communication skills. You will be able to have a more varying opinion on any problem. With the facilities mentioned above, choosing Derby University can be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

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